Customize your own package

Plecter Labs' CFX doc : here

 First things fisrt.

Are you using a :
Dynablade (neopixel / ledstrips) 32'' : 114 leds
Dynablade (neopixel / ledstrips) 36'' : 130 leds
Dynablade (neopixel / ledstrips) customs : leds
Chromatics (RGBW Led kits)
Cross guard (soon)

 Optional parameters that defines how your saber works:

qkignite Directly ignitesyour saber from deepsleep (skips boot sound) on / off
poi Defines whether ignition can be interrupted by motion sounds
and when smoothswing starts
sleep When blade is off, OLED, accent leds and energy saving starts after s
deep Full energy saving after idle time (after sleep) s
muteoff Power off sound or not ? yes / no
muteb Orientation when starting the saber
menugest Use gesture to navigate in options yes / no

 Colors set

 Set up your volume (default:80 , unit: percentage). WARNING: above 80% you can harm speakers <3watts

vol Volume percentage of your saber %

 This is where you choose your sound fonts. You need one at the minimum

Get more free and premium fonts

 Choose your saber behaviour at bootime.

When my saber starts I want it to restart with the last parameters I used.
When my saber starts, it should alway stats with :

Blade type : missing
At least one color selected : missing
At least one sound font selected : missing